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Re: Pterosaurian Pedal Clinching (Batman! :) )

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> Jaime A. Headden
>   Given either of the two theories regarding pterosaur
> evolution, one being the archosaur derivative, and the
> other lepidosauriform derived, both have ancestors
> that could be and probably were, scansorial or
> arboreal.
   Gee,...I hate to point this out (after Dr Holtz already corrected that post)...but...I gotta know! I thought the archosaur derived theory had Lagosuchus (or perhaps Scleromochlus)) as it`s prime candidate. As Padian proposed it, these forms were considered to be "cursorial", and that the evolution of pterosaurs was from the "ground-up" as also proposed  (by some) for birds.
Of course, ...there  may be others out there who propose some arboreal archosaur led to pterosaurs,but, if that`s the case, I`m unaware of it, and would like to know what these alternate theories are, and what are the refs.
Which brings me to another question. BFV online only lists refs up to 1993 (I believe). Are there any online sources available for searching out more up to date refs???