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Re: Walking with Dinos

dbensen wrote:

> I think they could
> have done better if they had paid some attention to the extant animals they 
> were
> imitating.

I agree.

>  If they had digitized bird flight, for instance, and then plugged that
> into the pterosaurs, it would have made them more convincing.

No it wouldn't.  Pterosaur wing membranes don't carry stress in the same manner 
bird feathers do, the wrist and wing finger pivot don't articulate along the 
same paths
as birds, and the flapping oscillation is powered by different muscle 
orientations.  A
flapping pterosaur wing would not look at all like a flapping bird wing, though 
gross motions are each reminiscent of the other.  Even when soaring, the bird 
pterosaur load paths are different.

Best wishes,