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Re: Pterosaurian Pedal Clinching (Batman! :) )

Dan Varner wrote:

<Question: Can anyone cite the reference for Jim
Clark's recent pub about the Dimorphodont pes from
Mexico that precludes cursorial habitus? All I've 
seen is a brief note in Discover Magazine.>

  The proper ref for the paper it:

  Padian, K. 1983. Osteology and functional morphology
of *Dimorphodon macronyx* (Buckland) (Pterosauria:
Rhamphorhynchoidea) based on new material in the Yale
Peabody Museum. _Postilla_ 189: 1-44.

  Merely argues for a cursorial capability, rather
than a habitus.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

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