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RE: sauropod necks-buckaroobwana is back! ha ha ha ha ha !!

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> Matthew Bonnan
> In Camarasaurus, the jury is still out.  Parrish and Stevens tried a
> preliminary attempt at modeling that neck, but the darn thing did
> not seem
> to want to get above horizontal either.  However, they are
> currently looking
> this over, as it seems that Camarasaurus may have had a more
> vertical neck.

It disturbs me that the model does not want to get _Camarasaurus_ necks over
the horizontal: it was CLEARLY capable of such without disarticulation, as
documented by numerous fossils in opisthotonic death position: the CMNH
juvenile, the USNM specimen on display, etc.

Granted, these are death position specimens: I wouldn't advocate that they
held their necks in these particular positions in life.  However, if the
computer model will not allow these particular positions to be obtained
(when they clearly can be, as far as the bones go), then time to look back
into the coding of the models.

Actually, this would probably be a generally good test for all folks working
on the issue of computer modelling of skeletons: use the positions found in
good, articulated skeletons as controls.  (Obviously, disarticulate
specimens would not be useful for such cases...).

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