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Re: Dino News stories -Reply

> If people are not contacting this site regularly, 
perhaps part of the reason
> is that is is VERY difficult to read...both the blue-on-
black color
> selection and the poor way that columns line up. I have 
stopped referring to
> it for that reason and would go back if it were easy to 
read....and I have
> good vision! Please consider ease on your readers' eyes.

These pages display OK on my computer as dark text on 
light background. Try highlighting the text, which will 
reverse the color scheme if it can't be read--or copy the 
text into another document. The odd colors may be a 
software problem for some people using older versions of 
Netscape--I have a recent version of Microsoft Explorer 
that seems to have no problem. The Prehistorics 
Illustrated site may be visually jazzier than it needs to 
be, causing some difficulties. However, it does post 
articles that don't show in other places and is worth 
checking out on a regular basis, display hassles