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Re: sauropod necks-buckaroobwana is back! ha ha ha ha ha !!

Very controversial, and not a settled question at all.  Would an endothermic
sauropod self-immolate?  ;^)  Sauropods may have shed body heat via the long
tail and neck, which were relatively high in surface area and low in volume, as
others have pointed out.  A problem with the lifelong ectothermic sauropod model
is that it would take years for the tiny hatchling to develop great size,
especially if it grew at a slow rate!  Mass homeothermy thus would not be
operational at the outset, and a slow growth rate would imply an incredibly long
life span.  It is probable that different dinosaurs had different metabolic
levels and regimes, and that these levels varied through the life span,
especially in the giants.  At the risk of stating the obvious, I would point out
that there is much variety in the physiologies of extant animals.  R. McNeill
Alexander's _Dynamics of Dinosaurs and other Extinct Giants_ discusses some of
these issues.<<
I beleive Jack Horner (in Dinosaur Lives) said that large dinosaurs might have 
endothermic when they were young and small, and then gradualy becmae exothermic 
they became larger.