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Ornitholestes claw

During the course of my researches concerning Ornitholestes, I came
across a full-body reconstruction of the beast with a large, raised
hallux, like a dromaeosaur (David Lambert's the Ultimate Dinosaur
Book).  I looked back and yes, some of the skeletal reconstructions had
raised halluxes too (it was on the internet, but I can't seem to find
the site at the moment).  I'd never heard of this trait in Ornitholestes
before, and it seems worthy of note.  Was it just an accident on the
part of the artist for the Ultimate Dinosaur Book?

BTW: I'm reconstructing ornitholestes as a small, big-game predator,
like a serval, which used its powerful arms and jaws, and unserrated
teeth to bring down large prey by grappling with it and perhaps breaking
its neck like a modern cat.  I know this is an odd behavior for a
dinosaur, but it seems to fit the skeleton.  Are my assumptions