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Darren Naish has asked me to send a few words in his name... he's too busy
to even sit down and do a proper report on Walking With Dinosaurs... but he
will do it in a few days. He has seen the whole series now and I was
pleased to hear that things get better with each episode. He specially
enjoyed the pterosaur one.
The "how was done" pilot last night was much better than the first
programme even if Peter Dodson was saying strange things about the "cheetah
speed" of dromeaosaurs and about the limb proportions of T. rex...the
contradiction was glaring: T. rex had limb proportions of a runner compared
to dromaeosaurs but wasn't supposed to run, while the shorter rather stocky
legs of dromaeosaurs were supposed to reach cheetah speed...I don't buy it.
The resulting speed animation of two Deinonychus attacking an Iguanodon was
completely outlandish... even for a defender of hot-blooded dinos like me
I specially enjoyed Ken Carpenter's dramatic description of Stegosaurus
hability to bluff in front of a carnivore, completely believable and well
put. That together with the >certainty< of seeing David Martill in shorts
really made up for all the mistakes of the first episode and rest of the
series... well... not really.

Luis Rey

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