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Re: Discovery Channel episode

>>A friend of mine told me yesterday that he watched an episode on Discovery
>>Channel (Asia) about someone discovering what he claims are the the remains
>>of the largest dinosaur ever (beating out Seismosaurus?), but which got
>>lost during transport. I haven't been able to catch it (being an early
>>sleeper :-) ), so does anyone here have any info about that?

I have seen the episode some time ago. I have the name of it but can't seem to 
locate it on my darn computer :-(
The sauropod in question is, spawned from memory, Amphocoelias fragillimus. 
You'll have to
excuse me for any misspellings on the name.
Try the archives of the dinolist: some time ago I asked the same question as I 
had forgotten the name of this
really large sauropod. Maybe someone else on the list (Mr. Holtz?) can send the 
correct name and any refs (if
there are any...)