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RE: Walking with Dinos

I think it's sad that all we're seeing on the list is complaints and
whinging about Walking with Dinosaurs.

Fine - so they present a few theories as facts. Ok - so the pterosaur flying
is a little 'wooden'.
This is still by some distance the best dino show presented to the public in
years. And remember that's precisely what it is - it's a TV show for the
public, to capture their attention, and entertain them - it's not aimed at
the 'experts'.
So come down out of the ivory towers, and appreciate the show for what it is
- the best publicity our subject has had in ages. Stop looking at it through
the eyes of a scientist, and instead try to imagine the sense of wonder and
amazement of a ten year old looking at these great monsters of the past.
If half of us were recruited to vertebrate palaeontology by the movie models
of Ray Harryhausen and his contemporaries, how many more of 'the best and
brightest' are we going to get after this?


PS  - The BBC showed "The making of Walking with Dinosaurs" in the UK on
Monday night. It focused mainly on the modelling and animation techniques
used in the series, including lots of interviews with their palaeo
consultants and animators, explaining why they made some of their decisions.
Fascinating - watch it if you get a chance.

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>>So: pterosaurs flying like birds may be more pleasing
to look at, as we are used to seeing large animals fly
that way, but if the animals simply weren't configured
to fly like birds, why show them as such?<<
 I said that bit about modeling pterosaurs after birds under false
pretenses.  I was under the (apparently mistaken) assumption that birds
and pterosaurs flew in a similar manner.  Since they didn't, it wouldn't
work to digitize bird flight.  However, the pterosaurs in Walking With
Dinosaurs didn't seem to be manipulating the air at all, so my point
that the desingers should have paid more attention to their flight is
still valid.