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Re: Is this the death star?

Hi Dino List,

On the report of a distant planet, could be the Nemesis Death Star...

Is it? No... the periodicity of extinctions is sort of real, but ~ 31
million years, and maybe related to Galactic tides. The new planet, if
confirmed, orbits way too quickly [4 - 6 million years], but it might work
with the Galactic tides to produce big bombardment episodes. Might, but
probably not. The original Nemesis was ruled out because those same tides
would've perturbed it out of a periodic orbit very rapidly - in a shorter
time than the record of extinctions we possess.

That's how it currently seems. According to one of the teams involved the
enhancement of comets entering the Inner Solar System is only 20% - not a
comet storm at all...