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Re: Walking with Dinos

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From: dbensen <dbensen@gotnet.net>
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Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 6:29 PM
Subject: Re: Walking with Dinos

>>>So: pterosaurs flying like birds may be more pleasing
>to look at, as we are used to seeing large animals fly
>that way, but if the animals simply weren't configured
>to fly like birds, why show them as such?<<
> I said that bit about modeling pterosaurs after birds under false
>pretenses.  I was under the (apparently mistaken) assumption that birds
>and pterosaurs flew in a similar manner.  Since they didn't, it wouldn't
>work to digitize bird flight.  However, the pterosaurs in Walking With
>Dinosaurs didn't seem to be manipulating the air at all, so my point
>that the desingers should have paid more attention to their flight is
>still valid.

Like I just replied to Larry  Dunn (except forgot to "reply to all"). I`d
like to see some of the smaller pterosaurs portrayed that way. Perhaps we
have to define our terms here...What exactly do we mean pterosaurs didn`t
fly "like" birds. Hell, some birds don`t even fly like other birds!

It seems easy to say because they are phylogenetically "different" that they
must hane flown differently. Hell, if you want different, choose to compare
bats and birds, or bats and pterosaurs. Birds and pterosaurs are much ,
much, ...much closer than are bats and birds...sheesh! (I`m sorry , but bats
disturb me...8^).

So,...yeah, I want to see the little ones flap! Let the big ones soar away
on thermals, but I want to see the small ones flap to a controlled landing
on some Cycad somewhere in a Triassic-Jurrassic forest!