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RE: Walking with Dinos

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> dbensen
>  I said that bit about modeling pterosaurs after birds under false
> pretenses.  I was under the (apparently mistaken) assumption that birds
> and pterosaurs flew in a similar manner.  Since they didn't, it wouldn't
> work to digitize bird flight.  However, the pterosaurs in Walking With
> Dinosaurs didn't seem to be manipulating the air at all, so my point
> that the desingers should have paid more attention to their flight is
> still valid.

Actually, Dave Unwin (who knows MUCH more about pterosaur flight than you or
I) was one of the main consultants for the show.  I think part of the
problem you are having is that you have only seen a few clips so far: as
Americans, we haven't seen the full show yet.  The European Late Jurassic
episode has a LOT of pterosaurs in it, and you get to see some variety

Perhaps you've mostly been seeing the gliding pterosaur scenes (I've seen
the full Late K U.S. episode, and the only pterosaur in it
(_Quetzalcoatlus_) does mostly gliding, other than a power takeoff).

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