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Re: Dino News stories - urls

> What site? I really, really wish folks would be more 
specific about what
> they were talking about when posting to these lists. We 
all received your
> post, but (I bet) few (if any) of us know what you're 
talking about.
> Help us out here....or at least.. help me out here!
> Pat
This comment relates to a 10-6 posting entitled "Dino News 
Stories." I figured people could find it in the archives 
based on the title. So, in case anybody lost track of the 
original, here it is with the urls.

In case people don't check the Prehistorics Illustrated 
newspage reguarly at 
<http://members.xoom.com/prehistorics/Newspg_1.html>, I 
point out a number of recent stories of interest, 

New Russian Dinosaur

Mentions a new dinosaur from Russia called Amurosaurus--
this is a nomen nudum on George Olshevsky's list as I 
recall so maybe an official description is out.

Fossil Auction Controversy

Vertebrate paleontologists may boycott Discovery Channel 
projects to protest on-line auction of vertebrate fossils.

Other stories include one about Walking with Dinosaurs and 
another has an interview with Scott Sampson discussing