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Re: sauropod necks-buckaroobwana is back! ha ha ha ha ha !!

>> What would it be eating in the desert that was so high in the air?
For that matter, I believe _Camarasaurus_ has, proportionately, the shortest
neck of any Morrisson sauropod. Still, it is an interesting hypothesis. :)<<
Woo-hoo another crazy idea strikes!  Looking at camarasaurs, they weren't _that_
tall.  I'm sure there were tall plants that only they could get to, even in a
desert.  Maybe they're something like those long-necked tortoises on Galapagos 
eat tree-like cactus.  Anyway, I bet all this is moot and Camarasaurus just 
and drank.  Occam's razor and all that.