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Re: Bug

In a message dated 10/8/99 7:57:31 PM EST, dbensen@gotnet.net writes:

<< I did a little project where I did pictures of all of the species of 
Iguanodon I
 could find skull pictures for (that is, all of the skulls on your site, since
 that is the only place I could find the reconstructions).  One of them,
 Iguanodon orientalis, links to a picture of ALTIRHINUS kurzanovi. >>

Iguanodon orientalis and Altirhinus kurzanovi are not the same species, by 
the way. The former is, according to David Norman, indistinguishable from 
Iguanodon bernissartensis and may even be a junior synonym of it. Altirhinus 
kurzanovi type specimen has previously been referred to Iguanodon orientalis, 
but according to Norman that is incorrect.