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Dino Events International Calendar


Now this may not last, so grab it while you can!

We've finally found a miracle worker (Roger  Deslauriers)  to update the
International Dinosaur Events Calendar. Actually he's been doing it for
two months now, but, hey, why let anybody know?

At any rate:

If you are interested in or putting on a Paleontology or other Earth
Science related event anywhere in the world in whatever language, do
please either check out the calendar or let us know and put us on your
mailing list.


We won't make rash promises, but it appears that the calendar will (once
again) be updated regularly.
Actually Roger says his wife wants to renovate the house. Gee. That
can't take all month, can it?

For event submissions:
e-mail  Editor@Dinosaur.Org

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