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RE: plants and things


There's actually a fair amount out there -- a great deal on the Triassic, but 
perhaps your interest lies more with the J & K.  For starters, I'd look to the 
UC Berkeley web pages, the Columbia University dino course (which spends as 
much time on background as on the dinosaurs), and perhaps those odd, buggy 
"gaia" pages from Australia which have a great deal of material and many links 
scattered in with the crap.  I think the Royal Tyrell site has some good link 
pages, but I'm less sure about that.  The following URLs will get you started. 
 They are *not* the pages of interest, but are the sites I mentioned  and you 
can navigate from there to the appropriate pages.

link <http://www.tyrrellmuseum.com/www/tour/lambeo.html>
link <http://rainbow.ldeo.columbia.edu/courses/v1001/10.html>

I've just been starting to accumulate some of these links in the last week.  If 
you find any particularly good ones, please let me know.

  -- Toby White

On Saturday, October 09, 1999 2:27 PM, dbensen [SMTP:dbensen@gotnet.net] wrote:
>     Does anybody know where I can find a book or (preferably) webpage
> that has information and pictures about Mesozoic organisms OTHER than
> dinosaurs?  I know everybody likes to pay attention to the charismatic
> megafauna, dead or alive, but I would like to know _something_ about the
> plants that they ate and the clams that they stepped on.
> Thanks
> Dan