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Vertebrate Notes

I need a favor from someone with a fast internet connection and, in return, may 
be able to provide something of some use as a quick reference.

About a year ago I began compiling a personal reference on various vertebrate 
clades in the form of a large cladogram linked to a paragraph of notes on each 
clade, with further links to the web and to certain other materials.  I'm about 
50% finished.  The project (in Word 97 format) has gotten a bit out of control 
and now takes up ~2 MB, covering (at last count) about 210 groups.  A serious 
computer problem would mean the loss of a heck of a lot of work, and it is 
neither safe nor convenient to back up onto floppies.   If anyone would be 
willing to serve as the back-up of last resort for me, updated every week or 
two, they are free to make whatever use they see fit of the material (none of 
which is under copyright restrictions).

Please contact me off list if anyone has an interest.

  --Toby White