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Re: pterosaur takeoffs

>>...err,...on second thought, the model I was picturing was a waterfowl
taking off, with continuous wingbeat. Then again,
a waterfowl has to break free of the waters surface as well. Perhaps if
Dimorphodon got up enough speed with wings
tucked in, and then extended them when "escape velocity" was
attained....? Yeah,...probably was possible with minimal
flapping of the wings.

Sorry for the monologue! (yes,...I do talk to myself alot!)

(Still, any comments about all this welcome...8^)<<

Actualy, even if that thing about not taking off is only relevent to
pterosaurs that are sitting in the water, it is VERY relevent becuase
most pterosaurs were fish-eaters!  Ducks, especialy sea-ducks have to be
able to take off from the water quikly or else be gotten from underneath
by a shark or some other carnivore.  If pterosaurs couldn't get up out
of the water fast enough to escape a shark or mososaur or whatever, then
all of the picutres of them sitting in the water like ducks are wrong. .
. unless they had some _other_ way of getting away.