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RE: fighting raptor

There was a paper by Unwin, Perle, and Trueman in 1996 describing this
fossil, which was unearthed in 1981, I believe. I'll get the complete ref
and post it.

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Jaime A. Headden wrote:

>  It's in the Mongolian Geological Institute,
>Ulaanbataar, Mong., and while I can't rattle off the
>specimen numbers (there's two individuals, one
>protoceratp[s]id and one dromaeosaurid) there's a cast
>of it in Warsawa, Pol., as it was aquired during the
>Polish--Mongolian trip of the 70's.

Does anyone have a reference to a published description of this fossil?  I'm
only familiar with two photographs of it, one of which appears to be have
been taken before much preparation.  The other shows extensive preparation.
It would be interesting to know at what stage in its preparation the Polish
cast was taken.