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RE: *Procompsognathus*

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> Justin S Tweet
>    I'm seeking enlightenment about *Procompsognathus triassicus*, namely:
>       1. its status vis-a-vis *Segisaurus*
>       2. its status vis-a-vis the famous coelophysids *Coelophysis* and
> *Syntarsus*

Paul Sereno, in his 1999 paper in Science (and more accurately, in the
Supplementary Data for his paper in Science) presents information linking
_Segisaurus_ and _Procompsognathus_, together Procompsognathinae, as the
sister taxon to _Coelophysis_ plus _Syntarsus_, together Coelophysinae.

>       3. whether or not the debate about its head has progressed
> beyond the
> information in *Dinosaurs-the Encyclopedia*

Yes and no: Yes, the debate has progressed, in that Sankar Chatterjee has
presented several talks on the subject.  However, these talks are not yet

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