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Re: pterosaur takeoffs

>>Actually,...I have a lot of trouble seeing them as being able to fly up out
of the water as well! I know there were some with the long beaks that were
supposed to skim the surface and catch fish and all that, but,perhaps they
didn`t actually land on the water. it seems to me that it would be even
harder for them to break the waters surface and get up momentum to fly
again. OK, they may have had webbed feet, but I thought they would also need
to flap very rapidly to get airborn off water, and rapid flapping requires a
furcula (again I thought?). They would have needed  relatively "short" wings
to boot!. Long wings would have hit the waters surface no??<<

Maybe they never took off out of the water, just swam untill they could get back
onto shore.  Of corce, it all depends on if they were good at swimming or not.

Why does figuring out exactly what these dead things once did in life
present such an enigma???<<
If they weren't such an enigma, they wouldn't be so much fun. :)