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Re: *Procompsognathus* [joke, supposedly]

        Sorry, I couldn't resist the old Holtzian joke...

Justin S Tweet wrote:
>   I'm seeking enlightenment about *Procompsognathus triassicus*, namely:
>       1. its status vis-a-vis *Segisaurus*
        Like _Segisaurus_, it is extinct. :)

>       2. its status vis-a-vis the famous coelophysids *Coelophysis* and
        They are extinct too. Mighty big coincidence, no? I'm sure that
someone will suggest that these are somehow related. Probably someone
already has, check the archieves. :)

>       3. whether or not the debate about its head has progressed beyond the
>information in *Dinosaurs-the Encyclopedia*
        I'm sure the debate has progressed, insofar as all debates progress,
i.e., going nowhere. Now, if you want to know if the debate has been resolved...

>   So, if anyone can pipe up about this critter, I'd be glad to
        Are you really glad I piped up?

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