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[bettyc@flyinggoat.com: PALEONEWS:Guangdong Makes Major Find of Dinosaur Fossils]

Another from Betty; please don't hold either of us responsible for the
errors in this news report:

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Guangdong Makes Major Find of Dinosaur Fossils

GUANGZHOU (Oct. 11) XINHUA - Chinese archeologists have found a batch of
fossilized dinosaur bones dating back to over 60 million years ago in
Heyuan County in south China's Guangdong Province, the site where more
than 1,000 dinosaur eggs had been unearthed since March 1996. 

The find of both fossilized dinosaur bones and dinosaur eggs at the same
site has made Heyuan one of the world's most important dinosaur fossil
repositories, according to archeologists from the Institute of
Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology under Chinese Academy of

Dong Zhiming, a research fellow with the institute and also a member in
the excavation team, told Xinhua that what they have found in Heyuan
could provide significant evidence for further study of the distribution
and evolution of dinosaurs living in Cretaceous Period more than 100
million years ago. 

Researchers here believe China could have the world's largest reserve of
dinosaur fossils. 

Since the find of more than 100 fossilized dinosaurs in Zigong City in
southwestern Sichuan Province in 1970s, China has had another major find
in Xixia County in central China's Henan Province, where over 5,000
dinosaur eggs were dug out. 

Meanwhile, small finds were reported from time to time in Inner Mongolia
Autonomous Region, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces. 

Among ten pieces of dinosaur fossils found this time, there are limb
bones, phalanx, vertebra and coxa bones, which are believed to belong to
three dinosaurs. 

"It is a kind of small carnivorous dinosaur about three to four meters
long which is believed to live on small mammals like lizard" said Dong. 
(note-this coul be either 'mammal-like lizards' or 'small animals like
lizards'-Betty) said Dong. 

Heyuan is situated on a 100 sq.km. stretch of red sandy slate.
Archeologists assumed that it was once a rainy jungle suitable for
dinosaurs to live, which would mean more bone fossils are expected to be
unearthed here. 

The local government of Heyuan has set up reserves in a number of
locations, where more fossils possibly exist, to prevent from illegal
attempts of digging and robbing. It has offered awards of 100,000 yuan
since 1996 to people who have provided clues or turn over dinosaur
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