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Re: [bettyc@flyinggoat.com: PALEONEWS:Guangdong Makes Major Find of Dinosaur Fossils]

For general information, this CNN article is just a copy of the article from
the national Xinhua news agency. Articles like this are often slightly
edited. The CNN version leaves out a few lines about the location of Heyuan
county, but nothing significant.
Xinhua news flashes, including those on Chines dinosaurs, are available by
going to


for those of us not fluent in Chinese, there is an English button.
Dinosaur news ends up in the Culture section.
-Gus Derkits

Mickey Rowe wrote:

> Another from Betty; please don't hold either of us responsible for the
> errors in this news report:
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> Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 15:04:11 -0700
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> Subject: PALEONEWS:Guangdong Makes Major Find of Dinosaur Fossils
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> This is a CNN custome news article.
> CNN has recently changed formats so I can not give you the URL.
> I recommend registering at cnn.com for your own custom news to
> access the article online-   -Betty
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> Guangdong Makes Major Find of Dinosaur Fossils
> GUANGZHOU (Oct. 11) XINHUA - Chinese archeologists have found a batch of
> fossilized dinosaur bones dating back to over 60 million years ago in
> Heyuan County in south China's Guangdong Province, the site where more
> than 1,000 dinosaur eggs had been unearthed since March 1996.
> ...