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Re: could / did sauropods drink?

dbensen <dbensen@gotnet.net> wrote:

> isn't part of the equation the water present in the plants?  I would
think that pine needles (the only things edible
> that high up) aren't  full of moisture.

Maybe. Kangaroo Rats (Dipodomys) are famous for not drinking at all and
subsisting on dry desert vegetation.

(A lightweight "pop" Web page at:
<http://www.desertusa.com/aug96/du_krat.html>  ).
I'm fuzzy on this but they manufacture their own water from their food
metabolically (Can anybody fill us in on this?). Though the usual "apples
and oranges" (or in this case "sauropods and kangaroo rats") caveats apply,
we apparently can't rule out the possibility that sauropods, too, were

Jeffrey Willson <jwillson@harper.cc.il.us>