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Little skulls..

I've read some speculation that the immature dromeosaur skulls found a   
few years ago in the nest of an Oviraptor may be the remains of food   
brought by the adult O for its young.  I thought about that again this   
summer as I watched a pair of Osprey catch fish to feed their young. I   
noticed that the Osprey always ate the head of the fish before bringing   
it to the nest. I've since been told this is a common behaviour among   
carnivorous birds and that they probably do it to ensure that the prey   
does not pose a danger to the chicks, either by biting them or thrashing   

I don't know the precise location of these little skulls in the nest   
relative to the adult O, but I'm curious if they could represent the   
stomach contents of the adult--who may have eaten the heads of the prey   
the way Ospreys and other birds do today. More wild speculation on my