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If you are cheap (as moi is), and are shocked, shocked at the rates at the 
SVP hotels these days, then a place to stay is the Super 8 motel at 5888 
Broadway (303-296-3100), about a mile immediately south of the Adam's Mark 
(it is just below the lower edge of the street map provided in the SVP 
package, where Speer Blvd would converge with Broadway). Its as close or 
closer than the low cost alternatives so far suggested. $42 with the exciting 
$3.50 VIP membership (gets you 10% off all Super 8s). Think of what you can 
do with the money you will save. Send your kid to college, take that trip to 
Paris you have been longing for, finally get that Allosaurus skull cast to 
hang in your rec room. 

G Paul