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Re: Pterosaur Takeoffs (Under-rated Bats)

>>Speculation on pterosaur take-offs in the literature seems {sinip} I
would guess pterosaurs had
little problem hopping into the air.>>

Exactly!  I've been saying things about bats about every other email
that talked about pterosaurs.  I beleive we even have skeletal evidence
of 'hopping' into the air, that is, evidence of springy ligaments or
from footprints.  I don't know the reference, but Ray Stanford does.

pterosaurs appear to have had webbing between their hand
fingers (mentioned in a recent post from Darren Naish),
which could have been used for paddling if the function
was not purely aerodynamic. <<

Perhaps they swam better than we know and could paddle back to shore.
Of cource, that isn't very safe or efficiant.