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Re: Pterosaur Takeoffs (Under-rated Bats)

>>could not just "jump
up into the air." Jim, you may correct me on some of
this, but from the little bit I've understood of
large-body aerodynamics and the ground-up flight
paradigm when dealing with dynamics for birds _or_
pterosaurs, I think there's some fair assumptions on
my part.

  Also, to my knowledge, albatrosses and condors make
a long run before jumping into the wind, often off a
steep incline, having wings that long and weight that

But pterosaurs could not run in such a way.  They were quadripedal and
planigrade.  I think they would have to get themselves into the air
BEFORE they could unfold their wings.  Cliffs are conveniant, but there
simply aren't that many of them.  Pterosaurs had to have some way of
getting into the air without flying.

Well, I may be wrong about unfolding the wings before takeoff.  The only
way we can know for sure is to look at pterosaur weight, and fiddle
around with articulated bones to see if they could manage to open their
wings while standing on them.