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Re: You could lead a sauropod to water ...

"Jonathan R. Wagner" wrote:

> Matthew Bonnan wrote:
> >just keep in mind that we find camarasaurs and diplodocids together in the
> >river channel sands of Dinosaur National Monument.
>         Oooh, geology! If I recall correctly, these are *articulated*
> skeletons, which, to my limited understanding, suggests even more strongly
> that these animals inhabited the same enviornments. Of course, one does
> wonder how far a flood could transport a bloated sauropod skeleton.
> Fortunately, there is an entire taphonomy literature out there, waiting for
> us all to consult it. Let's go! :)

    Agreed.  If these carcasses bloated up and floated down river in a flood 
large to move them and were deposited by said event it should be IMMEDIATELY
evident from a five minute examination of the sediments that they were in buried
in.  Otherwise, it is fairly unlikely that you are going to float a bloody 
to the point where it is allochthonous with respect to its "biome" just by 
channel flow, unless we are talking about one whopping big channel.
    YES!  I got to use whopping in a sentence.  It is going to be a good day.

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