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RE: Pterosaur Takeoffs (Under-rated Bats)

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JimC response:

It hasn't been overlooked.  I first publicly described the probable
similarities between the launches of Quetzalcoatlus and Desmondus
rotundus (sp?) in a talk I gave last February at SSA'99 at Knoxville, in
response to a request by Paul MacCready to talk about Quetzalcoatlus
flight mechanics, and I've been working with Wann Langston on
Quetzalcoatlus launch and flight mechanics for a bit over two years
now.  Actually, Q's apparent launch mechanism looks a bit more like a
mix between the bat D rotundus and a Cuban Tree Frog, with the leap
being oriented at about 25-35 degrees off the ground rather than the
almost vertical launch the bat uses.  I was planning to briefly mention
the mechanism in my SVP talk at Denver (which I've had to cancel due to
conflicts with my 'Day Job'.  I'm attaching exerpts from a private post
I sent Betty in response to her post about the albatross launch a couple
of days ago.

Bummer. I hope you get to publish it in the near future. What I really want
to know, is, how did they land?