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RE: Trees and islands

See Shipman's "Taking Wing" ch.8.  "There is no fossil evidence of tall trees 
in the area, despite the excellent preservation of plant fossils.  There were 
shrubs in the area that may have grown as large as ten feet tall."  Sand, 
scrub.  I don't have a feeling for whether the scrub was in the form of 
isolated bushes or largish thickets.  Fire and and storms tend to clear out 
this sort of coastal area frequently, so it may have varied.

  --Toby White

On Thursday, October 14, 1999 10:47 AM, dbensen [SMTP:dbensen@gotnet.net] 
> What sort of trees and big plants were lving near the Solnhofen Lagoon during
> the Jurassic?  Did Archaeopteryx scramble up tree-ferns or pine trees?
> Dan