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Re: Specific names

I can give you the meaning of two of the names you've asked for:

Caudipteryx zoui
Caudipteryx means 'tail feather'
refers to Zou Jiahua, vice-premier of China and avid supporter of the
scientific work in Liaoning.

Patagopteryx deferrariisi
Patagopteryx: Patagon, Spanish, in reference to Patagonia, the region of
Argentina where the fossils were collected, meaning "big foot", a term once
applied to the Amerindian inhabitants of the area; pteryx, Greek, wing,
The specific name is in homage to Professor Oscar de Ferrariis, Director,
Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, who was
responsible for the collection of the specimens.

Good luck with the others, and by the way, what's the adress of your website?

Fred Ruhe