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Re: Specific names

Hi Michael,

You can find a lot of the generic names on:

Fred Ruhe

At 12:31 14-10-1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Wow!  Thanks Fred!
>Is there a website or other resource that gives the translations in
>as much detail as these?  I imagine some of the stories behind
>dinosaur names might be pretty interesting.
>fredericus ruhe wrote:
>> I can give you the meaning of two of the names you've asked for:
>> Caudipteryx zoui
>> Caudipteryx means 'tail feather'
>> zoui
>> refers to Zou Jiahua, vice-premier of China and avid supporter of the
>> scientific work in Liaoning.
>> Patagopteryx deferrariisi
>> Patagopteryx: Patagon, Spanish, in reference to Patagonia, the region of
>> Argentina where the fossils were collected, meaning "big foot", a term once
>> applied to the Amerindian inhabitants of the area; pteryx, Greek, wing,
>> feminine.
>> deferrariisi
>> The specific name is in homage to Professor Oscar de Ferrariis, Director,
>> Museo de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, who was
>> responsible for the collection of the specimens.
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