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Re: Specific names

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, dbensen wrote:

> I like to put english translation of the dinosaurs' latin names on my
> website, but most sorces only give translations of the generic names.
> Some things, like Ornitholestes hermanni (Herman's bird theif) are easy,
> but some of the others I have no idea for.  For some of the mammles I
> don't enven know the generic translation.  Could some kind soul perhaps
> translate these?

The new version of the Dinosauricon (due out in a few weeks --really, this
time -- I hope) will feature meanings of specific names, when I know the
meaning, anyway.

> (Cosesaurus) aviceps

> (Apatosaurus) ajax

Ajax was a figure in Greek mythology, IIRC.
> (Compsognathus) longipes

> Asioryctes nemegetensis

from the Nemegt Formation
Don't know about the generic name.
> (Mononykus) olecranus

named for its robust olecranon process
> (Tyrannosaurus) bataar

Mongolian for "warrior"
> (Pteranodon) longiceps

> ( Struthiomimus) altus


I, too, would greatly appreciate anyone illuminating the ones I left out.

--T. Michael Keesey
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