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Re: Specific names

Dan Bensen wrote:

<(Cosesaurus) aviceps>

  "bird-headed Cose's lizard"

<(Staurikosaurus) pricei>

  "Price's Southern Cross lizard"

<(Heterodontosaurus) tucki>

  "Tuck's differentt-toothed lizard"

<(Apatosaurus) ajax>

  "The Ajax deceptive lizard"
  [here's a problem: Ajax was a Greek figure (there
were actually two of them), with an emphasis on the
Trojan War hero who fought Odysseus for the armor of
Achilles upon that man's death, and essentially
provides for the idea of a "superhero" or person of
immense courage or strength -- hence the brandname
bathroom cleaner; in this sense, it should be *A.
<(Stegosaurus) armatus>

  "armed roofed lizard"

<(Compsognathus) longipes>

  "long-footed delicate jaw"

  What I'm having difficulty with is *C.
corallestris*, which, as far as I can tell, means
"delicate jaw from the coral [reef]."

<(Cycnorhamphus) suevicus">

  "The Sueve swan beak [or snout]

<(Caudipteryx)  zoui>

  "Gen. Zou's tail-feather[s]"

<(Santanachelys) gaffney>

  "Gaffney's Santana [Formation] turtle"

<(Tropeognathus) mesembrinus>

  Here's what I get: "turned jaw from the middle sea"

<Asioryctes nemegetensis>

  ?? [from the Nemegt [Formation]] anyway

<(Avimimus) portentosus>

  "fortuitous bird mime"

<Deltatheridium pretrituberculare tardum>

  "The late early third swelling Delta beast"

<Kamtobaatar kuczynskii>

  "Kuczynski's broad hero"

<(Erlikosaurus) andrewsi>

  "Andrews' Erlik lizard"

  Just so everyone undertstands my point on this name,
Barsbold and Perle (1980, 1983) published their
descriptions on *E.* in a Russian journal, where there
is no equivalent letter to "c," so the name cannot,
and never will be, "Erli[c]osaurus"; Erlik was a
warrior in a few religions who, like Orpheus,
travelled to the underworld to rescue his wife and was
thence and there imprisoned for all eternity after
saving her, and became the "king of the dead," as the
reference goes; the idea of unburying this magnificant
animal probably broaught the idea of the ancient Tamil
hero into the fore in the author's intent to name the
animal, so thus, like Taquet's *Ouranosaurus*, and
ancient being is resurrected.

<(Ingenia) yanshini>

  "Prof. Yanshin's Ingen-[Khoboor] [lizard]"

<(Mononykus) olecranus>

  "elbow [or olecranon, the process we call the elbow,
see Matt Bonnan's post] one claw"

<(Tyrannosaurus) bataar>

  "tyrant lizard hero"

  In this sense, _bataar_ takes on the aspect of a
ruling hero, or "king," so the name is essentially the
Mongolian equivalent to _rex_.

<Zalambdalestes lechi>

  "Lech's zalambda thief"

  _Zalambda_, from _za_ Gr., very + _lambda_ Gr., "L".

<(Patagopteryx) deferrariisi>

  Should be *P. deferrariasi*

  "de Ferrarias' Patagonia wing"

<(Centrosaurus) apertus>

  "window[ed] spike lizard"

<(Ichthyornis) dispar>

  "abberant fish bird"

<(Parksosaurus) warrenae>

  "Warren's Parks'lizard"

  [Warren's a woman, due to the -ae instead of -i]

<(Pteranodon) longiceps>

  "long-headed wing without teeth"

<(Struthiomimus) altus>

  "tall ostrich mime"

  Hope I don't have some wrong, and am wary of my *Z.
lechi* translation, so if Ben wants to chime in, he
can, as well as Greek experts, and so forth. Don't
quote me on these, Dan. Please

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