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Re: Millennium

Looking on the bright side (as it has been presented by the recent thread
"ICZN details"):  If this taxon proves to be a junior synonym of a currently
known species, the name Sinornithosaurus Millennii is still up for grabs.

           Samuel Barnett

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Subject: Millennium

> Sorry, let me say that more temperately.
> The name "millenii" was specifically linked in the Nature paper with the
> "millennium" in the sentence in which the name was introduced. So there is
> no hint of a "distributive suffix" to the word "mille" for thousand. The
> name is allegedly derived from the compound Latin word millennium, so
> it should have been spelled "millennii".
> Now all this is basically trivia. The name is the name, and that's that.
> Personally, I would hate to have my name associated with an etymological
> mistake that is, when all's said and done, elementary. However, we live
> with it, and soldier on. When we write "millenii" we have to resist the
> temptation to spell it the automatic way. Worse things happen at sea.
> Cheers
> Richard