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RE: Millennium

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> Martin Barnett
> No, what I meant was - S MilleNii is taken, however S MilleNNii is not.

Nope, still won't work:

_Sinornithosaurus millenii_ is the type species of _Sinornithosaurus_; if
_S. millenii_ is a junior synonym of another species, and said species
belongs to another genus, then there is no more _Sinornithosaurus_.  If
there is no more _Sinornithosaurus_, you can't name a new species
_Sinornithosaurus milleNNii_.

Hope this helps.

Speaking of _Sinornithosaurus_, as Judy Horan pointed out, a webcast of
today's 10:30 am (Eastern time) press conference at National Geographic can
be found at: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/events/99/feather/index.html

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