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Re: NG web cam

Indeed, the web cam's zoom function is about the next best thing to
actually being there. And I'd just like to say my goodness, awesome has a
new name, and it's, well, actually it doens't have a name YET but it
exists in
the form of the "unnamed oviraptorosaur" (from the reconstruction, I'd say
oviraptorid for sure). And remember, scientists doing the naming out
there, you cannot break the "oviraptorid name pattern" already firmly
established in the literature, namely a four-syllable genus ending in
raptor, then a 4-syllable genus ending in "ia", and back again.
(Oviraptor, Ingenia,
Conchoraptor, Rinchenia...see?) So the new one has to be
I'm kidding, of course (would be nice, though).

-Christian  Kammerer

On 15 Oct 1999, Norton, Patrick wrote:

> A webcam of the "Feathers and Fossils" exhibit launched today (from the   
> ground up) at the National Geographic Explorers Hall is available at:
> http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorer/index.html
> Very neat stuff....
> Pat