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Re: what's a "nomen vanum"?

In a message dated 10/15/99 6:52:36 PM EST, tkeese1@gl.umbc.edu writes:

<< I'd weed it out of my data files, but I don't know whether to make them
 _nuda_ or _dubia_... >>

I note all generic nomina nuda at my Web site's Dinosaur Genera List. Since 
designating a nomen dubium is largely a matter of opinion, I didn't annotate 
nomina dubia there. So--if you have a generic nomen vanum, check my list. If 
I have it as a nomen nudum, change it to nomen nudum; if it's not annotated 
as a nomen nudum, make it a nomen dubium. Questions, additions, corrections 
about the Dinosaur Genera List: always interested in hearing them.