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Re: Specific names

At 09:07 AM 10/14/99 -0700, dbensen wrote:
>(Staurikosaurus) pricei

This is an honorific, honoring a person named Price.
It is the genitive of the latinized form of the name.
That is it means Price's Staurikosaur.
>(Heterodontosaurus) tucki

Tuck's Heterodontosaur.
>(Apatosaurus) ajax
>(Stegosaurus) armatus
>(Compsognathus) longipes

Long Foot (or perhaps Large Foot).
>(Cycnorhamphus) suevicus
This means "From Swabia", which is a state in Germany.

>(Caudipteryx)  zoui
Zou's Tailwing.

>Asioryctes nemegetensis

>From the Nemegt, a region in central Asia (it is also the name of the
geological formation from which the fossil came).
>(Avimimus) portentosus
>Deltatheridium pretrituberculare tardum
Before Three Tubercles/Bumps
What this signifies, I cannot say.

>Kamtobaatar kuczynskii
Kuczynski's Kamtobataar.

>(Erlikosaurus) andrewsi
Andrews' Erlikosaurus

>(Parksosaurus) warrenae
Feminine genitive of Warren.
Ms. Warren's Parksosaurus.

>( Struthiomimus) altus
Tall or High.

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