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Re: Stegosaurus species

At 11:48 PM 10/15/99 -0400, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>As originally mounted, Stegosaurus ungulatus was shown with eight tail spikes 
>(in four pairs), but the actual number remains conjectural. ...
> The "genoholotype" specimen of Stegosaurus armatus is encased in 
>hard matrix and has never been prepared, but enough of the skeleton is 
>exposed to show considerable similarity to Stegosaurus ungulatus.


So, if I understand correctly, the bottom line here is that the actual
number of spikes is hard to determine for both "species", so the feature
cannot be relied upon to distinguish them at this time.

> On the 
>other hand, it also shows some differences (taller neural spines and 
>relatively larger plates, for example) from the Stegosaurus ungulatus type 
>specimen, so it may be best not to refer S. ungulatus to S. armatus anymore. 
>Peter Galton tells me he will be publishing more on stegosaurs in the near 

This gets into a tricky area.  Sexual dimorphism might explain these
differences.  I will have to consider what I will do on the Web page carefully.

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