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Re: Millennium

In a message dated 10/16/99 10:02:15 PM EST, martin.barnett3@virgin.net 

<< Sorry, I'm a little unclear about this - so hypothetically there could be a
 Sinornithosaurus Millenii and a Sinornithasaurus Millenii concurrently, but
 there could not be S millenii and S Millennii together?  Isn't one just as
 confusing as the other if the rules are designed to alleviate confusion? >>

Yes, this is correct. But I suspect the ICZN would respond positively with 
its plenary powers to any petition to rename one or the other species on the 
grounds of confusion (though perhaps not the genera). Offhand I can think of 
only one pair of dinosaur genera that differ by just one letter: Centrosaurus 
and Kentrosaurus. There's also an ichnogenus pair like this: Tyrannosauripus 
and Tyrannosauropus (if I remember correctly). Anybody think of any others?