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RE: Schist

As in the WWII term F.U.B.A.R.?  I think that's a army British term, though 
I've seen it in some US sources from the period.  I learned it from my dad who 
was RBMC.  May be derived from the (actually notoriously reliable) BAR, but I'm 
just speculating.

  --Toby White

On Sunday, October 17, 1999 12:11 PM, Chris Lavers 
[SMTP:chris.lavers@nottingham.ac.uk] wrote:
> >> professor said, "... we were walking through this field, came around a
> >> corner, and suddenly found ourselves neck deep in schist."
> >Gneiss try!
> Just out of interest, and continuing the theme of
> what-we-picked-up-from-our-geology-professors, is the geological term
> "fubarite" in use in any other part of the world except Britain?
> Happy SVP to all those with funding. Boo hoo.
> Chris