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RE: Birds (was Re: You could lead a sauropod to water ...)

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Toby White
> Actually, that brings up a related question I'd had.  In a few
> months, I'm
> going to be finished covering dinosaur groups for DinoData (the
> Vertebrate
> Notes ought to be up & running at http://www.dinodata.net in 1-2
> days, but I
> keep finding missing blocks of data) and will be looking at
> birds.  Is there
> anything for birds equivalent to Janvier's "Early Vertebrates" or
> Currie &
> Padian's "Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs"?  There's a  Feduccia text that gets
> mentioned here now and again.  What would y'all recommend?
>   --Toby White
I would recommend that you not use Feduccia, for one.

On the other wing, there is forthcoming a book edited by Chiappe and Witmer
with buttloads of interesting new discoveries and analyses of Mesozoic
birds: the title is something along the lines of "Over the Heads of
Dinosaurs: Birds of the Mesozoic".

Will probably know more about the book's release date after SVP.

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