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Re: Stegosaurus species

At 11:48 PM 10/15/1999 EDT, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>As originally mounted, Stegosaurus ungulatus was shown with eight tail
>(in four pairs), but the actual number remains conjectural. We now know that 
>?Stegosaurus stenops had four tail spikes, but quarry maps in Gilmore's 
>monograph on the Stegosauria show at least one specimen in situ with five or 
>six spikes. The "genoholotype" specimen of Stegosaurus armatus is encased in 
>hard matrix and has never been prepared, but enough of the skeleton is 
>exposed to show considerable similarity to Stegosaurus ungulatus. On the 
>other hand, it also shows some differences (taller neural spines and 
>relatively larger plates, for example) from the Stegosaurus ungulatus type 
>specimen, so it may be best not to refer S. ungulatus to S. armatus anymore. 
>Peter Galton tells me he will be publishing more on stegosaurs in the near 

Could the tail spikes have grown over time?  I am thinking in terms of a
rattlesnake's rattler, but don't want to raise the analogy of their shedding