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Re: Pterosaur Takeoffs

Robert Clements tried to send the following from an address listproc
didn't recognize (Robert, I've aliased that address so that listproc
will directly accept such messages in the future -- to others who may
be wondering, yes, this is my "new" method of dealing with such
things).  If I'd considered it far enough off-topic I'd likely not
have forwarded it, but historically (in terms of the evolution of the
list's charter) messages about the biology of almost any long extinct
animal are ok provided that threads about them don't start to drown
out discussions about Mesozoic dinosaurs.

Before I get on to the forwarded message, though, let me try to
prevent a few aneurysms by pointing out that the trivial names
(i.e. the second part of an animal's scientific name) are *not*
supposed to be capitalized.  For example, irrespective of the number
of "n"'s, _Sinornithosaurus_ should be _Sinornithosaurus millenii_, as
opposed to _Sinornithosaurus Millenii_.  This has been a public
service announcement...


------- Start of forwarded message -------

Rather off topic (but hopefully linkable to the titular problem); but 
does enough fossil material of Argentaves Magnificens (sp?; i'm 
transcribing a voiceover from the Paleoworld episode _Killer Birds_) 
exist to give some idea how it might have gotten into the air? Granted: 
the estimated size of this Patagonia condor? - 9m wingspan - isn't as 
large as the biggest pterosaurs; but it still seems a seriously awesome 
challenge for a big & apparently bulky living creature....

I'll get out of everyone's way now....

All the best,
Robert Clements <Robert.Clements@dva.gov.au>
------- End of forwarded message -------

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)