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Re: Stegosaurus species

Dinogeorge writes:

[snip] so it may be best not to refer S. ungulatus to S. armatus anymore.
Peter Galton tells me he will be publishing more on stegosaurs in the near

The situation regarding the Morrison stegosaurs is a little confusing.
In contrast to the Chinese stegosaur material, the diversity of N. American stegosaurs is rather understated.

There could be as many as three genera represented from among the Morrison material now called "Stegosaurus". _S. armatus_ (?including _S. ungulatus_), _S. stenops_, and _S. longispinus_ may each represent a separate genus. It's been suggested that _S. longispinus_ might be a N. American species of _Kentrosaurus_. Bakker put _stenops_ in the genus _Diracodon_, but this genus name shouldn't be used.

Then there's the new genus of "primitive",_Dacentrurus_-like stegosaur from the Morrison Fm, yet to be described...


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